We look forward to our annual charity walks, club socials and events throughout the year. (TBA)

Nala and Ozzy

Nala and Ozzy

Congratulations to everyone who has passed their bronze and silver good citizen awards.

Training closed for summer holidays in August.


Advanced beginners/obedience classes continue afterwards at 8:15pm.


Happy Training for all dogs and handlers, hopefully we will get outside for some training and shows this year.

Carole xx

Our club is involved in regular social and charity events, this website will be updated with all our special events so watch this space! Our events include:


  • Regular ‘inter-club’ friendly competions.


  • Over the last 10 years we have put on annual training displays to promote ‘a happy dog is a trained dog’.
  • Displays held at Elsbridge House, Animal Care College and Vet Nursery.

Charity Events

  • With¬†our sponsored dog walks we have raised a considearble amount for Windmill Hill City Farm – enough to buy two pygmy goats!

Social Events

  • American suppers, pub meals, dog walks and more.

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